Filetes de Cavala em Azeite

A Great Pleasure Is Hard to Forget.

We Value Challenges, Experiences, Perceptions.

The Mackerel canning tradition comes from afar. The tradition of olive oil in agricultural culture comes from afar. Mackerel fat, rich in omega 3, in the prevention of cardiovascular problems. The fat in olive oil is like a symphony for blood circulation, reducing blood pressure. The qualities are more than many and would not fit here: but they all fit in a can! Each of them, Mackerel and Olive Oil, has properties that constitute, in themselves, a good food option: imagine them together! Try them together, at any time of the year, as health and pleasure never wait: In the autumn garden, at home, during the winter, in the countryside, in the spring, on the beach, in the middle of summer.

A story heard on summer nights:

«Mackerel was very proud to be as it was. At sea, it was «Blue on silver»: Bright, elegant, shiny. At the table, it was "gold on blue": Fresh, juicy, nutritious. Mistress of her destiny and her nose, Mackerel was thinking about something that had reached her ears: vacation! Never before had anyone heard but it was not asked. He learned that there are those who vacation on the mountain, on the beach, that there are those who travel by sailboat or take a cruise on the high seas. He didn't even think twice: if some go to the sea, others go to land. And so Mackerel started to come to the coast, every year, during the summer. »