Mexilhões em Escabeche

Recognised Merits, Deserved Credits.

We Challenge taste, Smell, Vision.

Yes, the mussels. With all the food properties and more, you already know about seafood. We now present the sauce. The marinade sauce, inherited from the gastronomic wisdom of al-Andalus, is one of the oldest recipes that combine good food preservation with a unique flavor: a flavor that has varied over time depending on the continent or the country where it was arriving, by the hands of those who by land or sea took and brought news, among them, gastronomic. The hands that prepare the marinade also add their secrets. And our secrets are in sight!

A story repeated among friends, with ambient music:

«Closed in on itself, the Mussel had become accustomed to the echo of the sea. Short or prolonged, agitated or soft, the marine noise turned into music for your ears. Inside the shell, it was the most comfortable and restless way to spend the day, the most strident and melodious way to spend the night, the most turbulent and harmonious way of listening to life. When asked why he was so lonely, he put on a friendly smile and replied, asking a certain writer for a borrowed idea: who doesn't like to be alone, it's not good company! »