Lingueirão ao Natural

Ancient Quality on a Natural Product.

We Promise Fressness, Flavour, trust.

It is said that Nature knows what it does. We joined it to get the best out of a natural product. To benefit from the nutrients needed for everyday health, there are many options. There are surprising experiences waiting for those who have not yet gone through them. These Lingueirões bring to the table all that the sea offers the best. It provides the body with omega 3, vitamins B and B12, mineral salts, sodium, iodine, phosphorus, iron. To the spirit, it offers a pleasure that is renewed in each test. To the human dedication of yesteryear, we added the guarantee of technological means to offer an exceptional product.

A story that stuck in my memory:

«Lingueirão boasted of being the best. It was natural! And everyone asked for proof. Which was also natural! But he stuck his head in the sand with the greatest naturalness, whenever he was repeated: you have to prove it. And there I would answer, whether out of confusion or vanity: I am not the one who has to prove it, it is you. In fact, Lingueirão has already proved what it had to prove: that it is the best! Now, we have to prove it. Naturally!"