Sardinhas em Azeite

The Scent of Always, A Flavour Forever.

We Offer Tradition, Trust, Surprise.

Sardines are known the world over for their unbeatable nutritional properties. And olive oil is no less important, in a perfect combination between a healthy diet and the pleasures of tasting. The role of canned sardines continues to motivate the growing number of fans across the five continents: they sit at the table, have picnics, organize surprise snacks, convince friends, research and meet, collect and offer. In short, they do what all fans do.

A story about the work of the high seas, for a good return to land:

«Certain Sardine learned from a fisherman how to blink his eye: to blink his eye to the waves of the sea, to blink his eye in the moonlight. "How do I do?" asked Sardine. “It's easy, just blink your eye at whoever looks at you”. It is known that the fish do not have eyelids, they rest with their eyes open, with one eye on danger, the other on the shelter. But that Sardine started to see the world differently. In addition to resting, he went to sleep. And he started to dream, with all the land beyond the sea »