Sardinhas em Azeite com Limão

To the Eyes, Appetizing. To the Mouth, Tasteful.

We Leave Marks, Memories, Desires.

Prove everything. Yes, but sardine is Sardine. Sardine is, as it always has been, a special food in terms of the quality and pleasure of the diet. It is popular, it is festive, it is healthy, it is appetizing, it is tasty. And Lemon is not far behind: it envelops you in a fragrance and freshness that is a gift for health and a party for tasting.

A story told in family and at the table:

«The sardine, in the sea, is queen. On the surface, his kingdom is immense until he loses sight. In the depths, it is a treasure trove of landscapes, species, shapes and colors. But the queen felt lonely and ordered that company be sent to her. No, no, not from the sea, from other kingdoms that a culinary sage had heard of. From other places heated and animated by the golden light of the sun. They took him an orange. Not an orange. They took him an apple. Neither does an apple. And so on: they took this and this more. And this more and more that the queen refused. And a lemon? They asked him, already with little patience, extending his hand. And Sardine smiled, with imagination. »