Sardinhas em Tomate

Recipe with Past and Refined Labour.

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They are the main actresses, but he, the actor, is nothing secondary. The color of tomatoes is the responsibility of lycopene, which is an antioxidant active in preserving the body against aging. Cooked, this nutrient is better used. But there are many other invisible participants in the nutritional quality of Tomato, one of the most celebrated ingredients in the history of Mediterranean cuisine. Potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus ... are a good "welcome" for the protagonists, the sardines, proud of the omega-3 index in their fat, vain in their juiciness and beauty.

A story spread around the auction:

«Sardine swam relaxed. But she was taken by surprise. The tide went up, up, up. It was the highest tide that has ever been seen. A giant wave hit the sand on the beach. Another wave came through the fields. Wave goes wave comes, Sardine found himself in the middle of a vegetable garden. He started talking with fruits, tubers, vegetables and legumes. Open-mouthed, everyone welcomed him. But nobody knew how to help. What to do with a special guest who suddenly appears? The olives gave it its best oil. And the tomato made him a soft and aromatic bed. And a new friendship was born between good companies. »