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In a list of the world's 100 most nutritious foods (the world´s most nutricious foods), the BBC placed Scallops in twenty-first place. Due to its low fat content, its richness in proteins, its concentration of fatty acids, including omega 3, and its offer of mineral salts. Food and arguments should always go together, exchanging impressions, looking for the best, confirming traditional wisdom, offering the difference: taste the scallops and add your arguments to ours.

A story between gifts and vernissages:

«Mollusks! They sang the Scallops in chorus, hitting the shells like castanets and looking proudly at the laziness of their relatives.In that large family, only Vieira really swam. It was also she, among bivalves, who had an eye on everything. Vieira has become known, celebrated, appreciated all over the world. Traveling, he met good restaurants. He left his mark on museums, on heraldry, on private collections.»