Filetes de Atum em Azeite

An Ancient Wisdom, A Garantied Flavour

We Combine Aroma, Singularity, Nostalgia

Tuna is a "classic". And when we ask ourselves what a "classic" is, in literature, in music ... the answer will be more or less this: everything that remains current, pertinent, necessary, everything that continues to make sense, or makes more and more sense , in our days. We return to Tuna: we propose the tasting of a "classic" in the preservation of healthy eating habits, a "classic" that takes care of the senses, in the pleasure of tasting with eyes closed the unique, but happily repeatable things, of your daily day.

A story told to the youngest:

"In the blue sea, tuna swam like no other fish. They traveled for miles and miles under the surface of fresh water. They went down to the depths to investigate food. They sought warmer waters on endless voyages. But no mixtures: adults, young people and children swam in separate groups. But the echo of the ocean joined the voices, mixing adult conversations, youth conversations and children's conversations. No one heard or understood anymore. They joined forces and joined schools of fish. To swim and talk together, each in turn. And tell stories, over and over and over again."